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EPS Double Screw Molding Machine JC-II-B-1712
Product Name:EPS Double Screw Molding Machine
Main features:
  • The machine adopts casting plates processed by time effect treatment and four guild pillars made by the concocted 45# steel with reasonable design, good durability and corrosion proof.
  • The machine adopts belt, worm, worm bio-lead screw driver to enable the middle molding board to move and down with stable movement and low noise.
  • Convenient and simple maintenance.
  • If the steam casing of EPS double screw moulding machine should be connected with up and down mould, it can be block moulding machine with two uses.
Main Parameters:
1. Work Table Size:1700x1200mm.
2. Max. Mould Size:1600x1100mm.
3. Effective Distance:600mm.
4. Power:4kw.
5. Overall Dimension:1700x1445x2400mm.