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EPS Continuous Pre-expander JC-IC-960
Main Features:
1. The chamber surface is made by stainless steel with good shape and long life.
2. The fluidized Bed Drier can be bought by customer solely.
3. The twice pre-expander can pre-expand once or twice to enable the EPS density to be ideal state.

Main Parameters: 
1. Chamber Diameter: Φ 960mm, Chamber Height: 2150mm, Chamber Effective Volume: 1.5m3
2. Steam Entry: Φ40mm, Steam Consumption: 6-9kg/cycle, Steam Pressure: 0.2-0.3MPa.
3. Compressed Air Entry: Φ20mm, Compressed Air Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa.
4. Drainage Condensation Water: X20mm.
5. Pre-expanding Density: Once Pre-expanding: 13-40g/l, Twice Pre-expanding: 8-12g/l.
6. Electric Power: Installing Power: 5.1KW, Electric Power Consumption: 4.55KW/H.
7. Feeding Pipe: Φ150mm.
8. Productivity:
9. Weight error: <±3%.
10. Overall Dimension (L xW xH):2190x1060x3230mm.
11. Weight:1380kg.
12. Room Height Required:4000mm.