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EPS Block Moulding Machine JC-IIIC-3000
Product Name:EPS Automatic Air Cooling Block Moulding Machine
Main features:
  • Four running modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle start-up and manual operation.
  • The machine adopts opening and closing mould, locking mould of the hydraulic system with stable running.
  • Steam general valve uses steam ball valve with good airproof characteristics and long life.
  • Four safe fixing: safe and interlock switch, pause switch, urgent stopping switch, safe valve
  • Touch screen display, graphical interfaces, Chinese and English display, soft button etc
  • Refrigerating constrainedly, high cooling efficiency, low water convenient filling material, high effectiveness
  • Feeding material automatically, convenient filing, high efficiency
  • The main components such as CPU, touch screen are from the well-known company with stable quality
  • Block conveying line and electronic weighing scale for machine is optional.
Main Parameters:
1. Mould Specification:3050x1020x620mm
2. Product Specification:3000x1000x600mm
3. Steam:
  • Entry:Φ100
  • Consumption:30-40Kg/cycle
  • Pressure:0.6~0.8Mpa.
  • 4. Compressed Air:
  • Entry:Φ65
  • Consumption:1.5-1.86M3/cycle.
  • Pressure:0.6~0.8Mpa.
    5. Drainage:Φ100mm.
    6. Electric Power:
  • Power:9.5Kw.
  • Consumption:5kw/h.
    7. Material Conveying Pipe:Φ80mm.
    8. Production Efficiency:15g/l: 13min/cycle
    9. Overall Dimension (LxWxLxH):5155x 2560 x2220mm.
    11. Room Height Required:5500mm.