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Main features:
1.The frame of thew machine adopts high quality square and profiled bar with fastness configuration,
with good intensity, metabolic and good shape.
2.The machine has horizontal, vertical and holistic truncation cutting equipment, it can realize
horizontal, vertical and holistic cutting.
3.The machine adopts frequency control timing with stable running and big timing range, can realize0-4m/min
stepless timing, it is suitable for slow cutting and fast retract.
4.The machine equips holistic truncation cutting system, so the production efficiency and cutting
precision improve greatly, especial for wall block cutting.

Main Parameters:
1. Cutting Size of Product:3100x1300x1250mm.
2. Mini. Cutting Thickness:5mm.
3. Power:11.32kw.
4. Weight:2750kg.
5. Overall Dimension:5030x2570x2800mm.
EPS Block Cutting Machine JC-VIC-3000