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Model: JC-VIB-3000
Main features:
1. This machine is welded by high quality square tube and steel plate with compact configuration and good shape.
2. It is cut by electro thermal wire with smooth cutting mark.
3. The machine adopts transducer to control the motor speed with convenient adjustment, stable running, low
noise and veracious product size.
4. Controlling box is installed on cutting shelf to move along with the machine with convenient operation.
5. Horizontal and vertical cutting can be run together; the machine can cut needed length with the vertical
cutting shelf.

Main Parameters:

1. Cutting Size of Product:3100x1300x1250mm 
2. Mini. Cutting Thickness:5mm.
3. Power:8.22kw.
4. Weight:1550kg.
5. Overall Dimension:4030x2000x2370mm.
EPS Block Cutting Machine JC-VIB-3000