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EPS Batch Pre-expander JC-YF-500
Product Name:EPS Batch Pre-expander
Main features:
  • The machine adopts PLC and touch panel with auto filling material, auto electronic weighing, auto controlling chamber temperature, pressure and level testing to.
  • It uses an electronic weighing system and level sensor to control raw material volumes and expanded density, while ensuring density tolerances within 3%.
  • The temperature and the steam pressure in the chamber are controlled by proportion valve from Germany and advanced decompression valve from Japan. It can enable the pressure from the exit of decompression valve to be invariableness and enable the chamber temperature to be controlled to within ±1%.And then it also can guarantee the consistency of EPS raw material to prevent the EPS raw material from agglomeration because of the bad control of the temperature.
  • It adopts automatic feeding device and electronic weighing device. Combining material control it can realize auto feeding and offer high production efficiency and low labor consumption.
  • Main components and parts of this machine such as electric appliance, pneumatic ware valve etc. have adopted the famous brands both at home and abroad to be stable running and long life.
  • The chamber adopts compressed air to blow material to raise the speed out of the material.
  • Computer can memorize the technical parameters produced with different brands, specifications, pre-expander processes and parameters that can be transferred anytime.
  • The Fluidized Bed Drier can be bought by customer solely.
Main Parameters:
1. Chamber Diameter:Φ 500mm, Chamber Height:1000mm, Chamber Effective Volume: 0.1m3
2. Steam Entry:Φ25mm, Steam Consumption: 0.8-1kg/cycle, Steam Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
3. Compressed Air Entry:Φ20mm, Compressed Air Consumption:0.5-0.6m3/cycle
    Compressed Air Pressure:0.6-0.8MPa
4. Drainage Blower port: Φ65mm, Drainage port: Φ100mm, Drainage Condensation Water: Φ25mm
5. Expandering ratio: 12-14g/l
6. Electric Power:9.5KW, Electric Power Consumption: 0.2KW/cycle
7.Material Conveying Pipe: Φ100mm
8. Production Efficiency:
  • 12g/l:70-90kg/h
  • 18g/l:110-120kg/h
  • 20g/l:160-180kg/h
  • 35g/l:200-220kg/h
    9. Density Tolerance:<±2%
    10.Overall Dimension (LxWxH):3000x3780x3820mm
    11. Weight:1400kg
    12.Room Height Required:5000mm